Customer stories

Picture of Eton College

Eton College

Progressive boarding school

"I would say we have used it extensively now and wouldn't go back to the old way of doing things. Once you have had the minimal training required to familiarise yourself with the platform, it's quick and easy to create an exam or test, create a mark scheme, open it up for students to complete (or print it if handwritten), and then mark it."

James Stanforth
Director of Digital Education
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Picture of HAN University of Applied Sciences

HAN Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen

University of Applied Sciences

"It’s a very intuitive and efficient way to organise your exams. It can save you a lot of time in corrections and archiving. I would surely recommend it!"

Twan Geerts
Senior Lecturer
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NHL Stended University of Applied Sciences picture

NHL Stenden Hogeschool

International university of applied sciences

"Time to onboard is very fast. The more you use Ans in a consistent way, the more questions you will gather in the question bank. You can use the questions from these question banks to use later on in other tests, so that the actual time to create new tests decreases. Also, colleagues can use each other’s questions via this question bank. In addition to this, the questions in the question bank can be reviewed and checked by a colleague in advance of the exam preparation, leading to an increased quality level overall."

Roelof Jorritsma
Educational Coordinator Maritime Technology
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