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Ans is a web-based assessment tool for students and educators. Whether you want to assess students on paper or digitally, you can design, grade and publish results online. Save time marking so you can get back to teaching as soon as possible.

Collaborative assignment creation

Create exercises together with your colleagues. Build up a question bank over time that allows you to easily re-use exercises and generate assignments. Use tags and learning objectives to align exercises with your curriculum objectives.
  • 15+ question types
  • Handwritten, digital or hybrid assignments
  • Formative & summative assessments
An image showing a feature in Ans
An image showing a feature in Ans

Effortless exam flexibility & accessibility

Switch between paper-based and digital exams in one click. Allow students to use a built-in calculator, LaTeX or equation editor during their test. Enable different accessibility options for students with special needs.
  • Technical aids for students
  • Large font, dyslexia and high contrast modes
  • Proctor, plagiarism and lockdown integrations

Automate and divide reviewing tasks

Most question types are automatically graded for you. Collaborate with your colleagues to mark any remaining open-ended questions. Assign reviewers to mark assignments per student or per question. Easily organise paper-based exams per student with a smart QR code.
  • Automatically grade closed-ended questions
  • Mark and publish paper-based exams online
  • Easily divide reviewing tasks between colleagues
An image showing a feature in Ans

Seamless feedback and student interactions

Publish insights and feedback to your students and interact with them on the platform. Easily adjust all marks on the go when adjusting the grading scheme or question contribution.
  • Choose what feedback to publish to students
  • Enable students to respond to feedback
  • Answer questions from students in Ans

Data-driven assignment analysis

Reflect on the quality of your questions and improve your assignments based on data. Compare your reviewing process with your colleagues. Gain deeper insights on student activity and performance.
  • Gain insight on question and assignment quality
  • Compare reviewing behaviour with your colleagues
  • Use data to improve your assessments and feedback
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