Introducing digital exams and quizes

Let students take an digital exam or quize for any type of course to improve learning, save money and reduce drop-out rates.

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Different types of questions

Utilise any type of question. Such as: multiple-choice questions, open questions, image based questions and questions that many more.

Provide instant feedback

Help students by showing why something is wrong. Feedback appears immediately in response to a submitted answer, without hiding the question and the original answer.

Group assignments

Let students easily collaborate with each other in the same assignment. All members of the group can submit and view the feedback.

Set up learning paths

Create learning paths for your course and get every student engaged. Personalise your course and support different learning speeds, pre-knowledge levels or study motivations.

Host exams in a secure environment

Restrict access to and within Ans by IP address. We take care of the logging and you even can record the screen of each participant and watch back later.


Grade more by grading less

Grade answer groups, instead of individual student answers.

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