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Handle big piles of tests in way less time than used to take. Be able to grade online by giving feedback and comments. Become faster anywhere, anyplace anytime.

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Compose a test easily

Compose an entire test in minutes. Add review criteria, so grading becomes even faster. And the best part? All questions and corresponding review criteria will be saved and can be reused for upcoming tests.

Reduce all administrative tasks

Focus on grading, not on logistics. We recognize student-ID's and keep corresponding tests organized. We even take care of multiple choice- and blank answers, so you don't have to. In the end, we'll add up the points and keep track of any changes you make.

Grade by giving feedback

Studying is more than just passing a test. By grading with specified criteria, you can share valuable feedback without it taking more time than grading with points. For a more personal touch, you can also add notes and highlights.

Grade asynchronous together

Grade at your own pace, together. When needed, you can grade together with colleagues, without having to wait for them to start.

Complete archive

Never pile up on exams again. Every test and result is stored in a fully searchable archive. Wonderful for teachers and great for students, who can browse back to any exam they made for a powerful learning experience.

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