Introducing grading essays

Receive and grade various kinds of reports, without emailing back and forth. Students hand in their documents in a central place, so you can start grading by using rubrics and comments where and whenever you want.

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One place

A central place where students can hand in their work and receive feedback. You can start reading and grading online — on any device, at the time and place of your choosing.

Check potential plagiarism

Help students take ownership of their work and practice proper citation. If you want to, we can check for potential plagiarism and reveal content matches from various sources.

Detect and check for plagiarism with URKUND

Add comments

Be able to give fast feedback to your students by writing small notes or comments. Repeating the same text is history by reusing feedback with fast comments.

Grade by using rubrics

Show students at what level they operate at specific parts of their work by grading with standards-aligned rubrics.

Peer review

Encourage reflection among students in the classrooms. Automatically distribute work and collect student feedback anonymously.

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